I see a constant stream for each view except HID, which is blank, even when I play around with the checkboxes in Scratch Live, so it doesn’t look like any HID packets are being sent. I’m thinking about gettng it. If Scratch Live is running in internal mode, then it does notice immediately when the USB cable is disconnected, and stops working until you plug it back in. The output of aplay -l shows only two audio devices so somehow Serato is talking to the mixer and asking for the correct audio feeds. This means that either there is no communication between Serato and the mixer when you tick the checkboxes, or that it uses one of the above packet types that I’ve filtered out. The mixer features Rane’s exclusive dual USB port architecture for intuitive DJ change over and supports creative dual computer applications.

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This revolves around a zsio of 6 programmable switches, a pair of rotary encoders and joysticks, plus a further two switches for selecting a group and deck.

So yeah, it seems ridiculous that people are buying this crippled hardware left and right, but if it continues to happen the main people who are crippled is us NI users unfortunately. Pappalardo pegasus-renegadetech wrote on I’m still gonna buy it though. I’m thinking about gettng it. To update everyone, I finally was able to test out this setup today. Email me about changes to this bug report. I have been an online radio DJ for a while and have been using TSP as my program of choice for the last 6 months or so.


TTM 57SL ASIO Driver |

I’ve tried setting up the software to sniff packets for the HID device, but as soon as Scratch Live starts up, the capture stops because the devices change. I agree that it’s super annoying that they do this. Number of Mic Inputs 1. The TTM 57SL has an inbuilt limiter to avoid people driving it into digital clipping, but sensible use combined with the sensible design should mean this shouldn’t happen in routine use, even to those who aren’t careful with their levels. I must test midi mode on mixer if it is midi-usb compatible I’ll include a new power cord and a new USB cable with it.

I can manipulate the vinyl, and it shows on the VDJ virtual platters, but the song audio is not playing. I would much rather use VDJ than Serato.


Does anyone know who to contact within Rane about this? TRied but no luck. Do you already have an account? It sounds like the main problem though is enabling time code to go to Mixxx while Mixxx’s audio comes out the 57’s outputs. At least NI cards are universal soundcards and NI software works with any soundcard not with timecode. I just cleaned the faders and made sure everything functions as it should.

This is a real disappointment, and something I hope Serato fix quickly. It never let rtm studio and I only used it to vinyl scratch on studio tracks.


Posted Mon 09 Dec 13 5: If someone could code drivers it would open some doors. You can download it free off their website so you can rock it in a club if the proper hardware is connected.

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Performance Settings on VDJ? No, create an account now. Please plug it in to your Linux system, do sudo lsusb -v, then copy and post just the section about that ytm it’ll probably be quite long.

I will try it out tonight and let you know how it works. This means that either there is no communication between Serato and the mixer when you tick the checkboxes, or that it uses one of the above packet types that I’ve filtered out. Owen Williams ywwg on I think there are four checkboxes and they can pick two.

Final Thoughts The Scratch Live software still remains a closed system, and it’s inability to support MIDI control or protocols such as Rewire has always been a voiced criticism, and made it difficult to integrate with more production orientated software.