This software transmits live video feed to the client software. This application enables live video streaming over a network the Internet to client software once a connection has been established. Change these if necessary. This site uses cookies in order to improve your user experience and to provide content tailored specifically to your interests. The client side software can run from any compatible machine that has access to the Internet. Articles and Reviews Modbus made simple with descriptions and examples.

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Now all that is left to do is to start the new Robot Server software. Wait for client to begin transmission of new Robot Server software.


This software also shares the connection to the client software with the Robots Eboxx. Aluminium Chassis Mounting Configuration: This provides an output to the user so that they can see the robotic arm reactions to their inputs.

This will allow the ebkx to be replaced by the one transmitted. If you follow through this process, you are dealing with the same two software products mentioned earlier. This functionality is used to send a new version of the Robot Server to the eBox via the Update Server application.


Figure A5 The update process has completed The client eox pertaining to this product is one application that we have extended from the previous students. Start the new Robot Server software.

Here is some high-level pseudo code for the client side application: Figure A2 Connected to the server Step 4: In order to do this, the current Robot Server software must be stopped. Originally this software allowed the user to send commands to the Robot Server and eboz the Robotic Arm.

When the left mouse button is clicked and held down, a height map is displayed. Product of the month November The user is able fbox select their own version of the robot server to upload to the eBox server.

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In this paradigm, there is a client side application, and a server side application. This is a low-cost, centrally-managed computer devoid of CD- ROM players, diskette drives, and expansion slots. Receive the new software. The client application sends rotation commands to rotate the various servo motors attached to the AL5A Robotic Arm. This software waits for an incoming connection from an external source remotely.


Start starts the new software. It waits for a connection from a client. If software has been received successfully: A simple string command is transferred to the eBox to close the process The Server application streams live video captured from an USB camera and delivers commands to the servos, both of which are connected to the eBox Thus, the Robotic Arm is connected to the eBox, and is able to receive input commands from software running on the eBox.

On release, the program calculates the necessary servo adjustments to reach the destination point and prepares them for transmission.

Remote Software Updater for eBox and Windows CE6 Pages 1 – 23 – Text Version | AnyFlip

The following are server applications: Remaining Stock, Returns and Special Items. Published by Move new Robot Server software to ebxo location on eBox.

Attempt to send the new Robot Server software. During this time, the status window will display several messages.