Griping the club with my right hand first keeps me in balance and aligned. Vision is tied directly to Balance and Personal Biomechanics. Conversation between Nathalie Jeanson and Edouard Montaz. Feels better to me also. My right arm is straighter.

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I’ll offer this once.

Before if felt like my left arm wanted or needed to bow rather than just hinge naturally during the Backswing. The video below shows you why it is important to grip the club with the correct hand to maintain your alignment and balance. Book your tee time, present your card at the reception desk of the golf courses and play as many times as you like on the most beautiful courses mongaz France, Morocco and England.

Wrists’ hinging has improved. Both arms are straighter and feel more in front of me. Proud Member ‘Quote Yourself Club’.

Shawn’s method really helpful to golfers. Griping the club with my right hand first keeps me in balance and aligned. Grip Right Hand Adjustment My right arm is straighter.


Best of all I finally feel like my swing is connected correctly with a lot less strain and much more support and power. Log in with your credentials. Right hand for some reason a bit more under compared going from left to right.


Contactez-nous Merci de nous envoyer un message. I use to have a some what of a flying elbow, but that has disappeared. The right hand adjustment was not much but it has made a big difference for me.

That is total rubbish, from the assumption that everyone’s body is designed with a one sided offset over time. Toski’s concepts are based around clubhead feel – and are more related to the line of ‘swing the clubhead’.

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Discover our offers and subscription rates. Normally I place my left hand on the club first and then after I place my right hand on the golf club. Balance is the ability to decipher where the body is in space through proprioception.

However, Shawn demonstrates how he places his right hand on the club first and then slides his left hand thumb into the pocket of the right hand which forms a union of both hands. Login or Sign Up.


Expand your business network Detailed offers. After reading Brandon Chamblee’s book again, on the chapters about the grip, Hogan had his right hand V pointing towards his chin and Tiger Woods had both Vs of both hands pointing to the right. Delegate your golf events Detailed offers.

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Play unlimited golf For golfers who cannot do with just one course. Always tinkering with it. Good to hear that Gary. From the drop-down list, choose a golf course and find about its location, its description and the weather conditions. The hand in which you hold the club behind the ball determines what you see. I decided to watch the video below about the Grip again.

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Never satisfied with it. Feels better to me also. Today’s Posts Member List Calendar.