Type command “”Sudo lshw -c video grep ‘configuration’ ” in term, I got below configuration: It looks nice and runs ok, but is still a little slow on that netbook. About problems due to upgrading. What distro are you currently using on it? Intel has excellent drivers for its graphic chips and as long as it is not one of the very newest skylake cpus, it should be working as well as it can.

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The i7 is faster at compilation, but just about everything else that I actually use a computer for, the c beats the i7.

So the included programs cut down on install time for me at least. Leave a comment below and kickstart the conversation! Do you remember how they broke that by releasing the infamous Poulsbo card? Haven’t tried it, but may need to make a live CD to give it a go. I’m not familiar with Zorin, but will totally check it out. When Win 10 came out, it got a memory upgrade to 2Gb from the original 1Gb, then Win 10 was installed.


Write a comment Name: Totally go-tos for breathing new life into my aging machines. Loading graphic driver for intel atom n processor Hi there, I got a question for a brand-new Ubuntu Logged wh7qq User Posts: System76 Galago Pro vs.

Small, fast, and bootable from a variety of storage media, Porteus is an excellent distribution. For desktop environments I do prefer Xfce but have found Mate to be surprisingly light without sacrificing features or ease of use. Thanks for chiming in!

I used my best google-fu, and all I came up with is this and thisunfortunately. Do you have any tips for someone technically challenged but still in love with the aspire One cutie?

Thanks for all the good work. Anestis17 via Wikimedia Commons.

5 Lightweight Linux Distros Ideal for an Intel Atom Processor PC

The current rules for Intel are easy: Originally Posted by 1clue. Bring it back to life with a lightweight distribution. Lubuntu pitches itself as both lightweight and fast. Scroll down for the next article.

Logged dibl siduction community member Global Moderator User Posts: I also have a acer aspire one but can’t find a distro that will work with the Cedarview graphics. Bringing old hardware back to life. When it comes to Linux, Mint is one of the more popular releases, and for good reason.


I appreciate your help. Im fond linix linux but in a dilemma of which os run best.

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Anyone have any ideas on OS’s to try? You’ll find the menu-driven interface familiar and the resources hit remarkably low Great pick, and yep MATE is pretty slick.

Mick Amadio via Wikimedia Commons. Android works except it doesn’t seem to play -at all- with the touchscreen. Tanguy Ortolo a blog about Debian and self-hosting.

A while ago, I developed an Atom based board for a presentation system which should have been sold at moderate prices.